The Story of Singing Sparrows

The Story of Singing Sparrows

There lived a group of four friends. They hailed from different places, had different social backgrounds, and worked in different sectors. But they shared one common interest – their love for nature. They went on Nature walks and road trips together. They watched exotic birds in their natural habitats. They shared amusing stories of sparrows in their village homes and sparrow-nests on the top of cupboards..

It was then they sadly realized that the once 'common' house sparrow was not so common anymore - both in the rural and the urban landscapes! The friends started researching on this worrying trend of disappearing sparrows. The problem was real – sparrows could be extinct in near future. It was a depressing thought! Thus, Singing Sparrows was born – a NGO with the sole aim of reviving the dwindling population of these endearing sparrows.

The main objective Singing Sparrows is to create awareness about the issue. The NGO plans to follow up this awareness drive by distributing free sparrow nest boxes that can be fixed at all homes. The sparrow nest box will give a sparrow shelter and a home. This will eventually lead to increase in the numbers of these birds.

Our SingingSparrows community made it to the City Headlines

We Sincerely thank the editors "Meghna Majumdar from The Hindu and Priyanka Shankar from Deccan Chronicle" for turning the spotlight on us!

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