Chirping by the window sill, hopping on the lawn, Where have those cute little singing sparrows gone?

Mystery of the Missing Sparrow

Until a few decades ago, no natural scenery could be complete without a few house sparrows flying by. These friendly birds were everywhere – in the farms, at home, in the barn, and just about anywhere they could spot a convenient hole to nest. Mornings would typically begin with the excited twitter of these cherubic sparrows. They would perch on shrubs or hedges and hop, hop, hop about in search of grains!

But such idyllic scenes are a rarity these days. Sparrows that are essential indicators of the health and balance of our environment are vanishing from our midst, and rapidly! Popular television channels give us constant reminders about extinction of the exotic snow leopard and the Bengal tiger, but the story of the missing common sparrow is still unsaid...

The future generations may have to Google for ‘house sparrows’!
Can we stop this from happening?

Mystery of the Missing sparrows

Why did the Sparrows Vanish?

The sharp decline in the population of the house sparrow is a plain indication of environmental degradation. This is the most obvious reason but we could list the various reasons that have led to this situation:

  • The sparrows are losing their natural habitat. The multi-storied concrete buildings have taken away all their favorite nesting holes. Every tree that is cut down will be a huge loss of habitat to sparrows.
  • There are no more small shops or granaries from where grains could spill. They have all become huge malls and air-conditioned, sealed granaries. Sparrows feed on insects too. But as farmers use more and more pesticides to kill insects, sparrows have acute shortage of food.
  • The electronic gadgets and mobile phones we use emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. This can kill sparrows.
  • Pollution from vehicles and industries affects sparrows too.

Sparrows have evolved with us through the ages. Isn’t it our responsibility to save the sparrow from extinction? Let’s save the singing sparrows!

Why did the Sparrows Vanish?
Can we save the sparrows?
Singing Sparrows

Can we save the Sparrows? Yes, We Can!

Conservation of sparrows or any other species is in hands of common people – like you and me. Instead of applying to Government bodies and organizations, we can start off by doing our bit.

Recall those nostalgic moments from your childhood - the sparrow-stories you’ve heard from your mother and grandmother, the sight of these little birds pecking at the rice flour ‘kolam’ (a traditional pattern/ rangoli drawn at the entrance of houses), sparrows chirping you awake in the morning – and try to recreate them for the generations to come…

  • Wherever you live, feed sparrows. Make sure you keep a bowl of water and some grains for the sparrows – on the balcony, in the garden, or on the window sill.
  • Villages are ideal for sparrows because their food and nesting spaces are easily available there. Volunteer to distribute free sparrow nest homes in villages. Every sparrow nest home installed will help increase their numbers.
  • Sighting sparrows in a city has become quite a rare occurrence. If you do sight a sparrow, contact us immediately and get a free sparrow nest home for the sparrow.
  • Educate farmers and villagers about the Singing Sparrows initiative. Urge them to join the movement to save sparrows. Distribute free sparrow nest home to farmers. When they get emotionally involved with protecting sparrows, they will gradually try to decrease the use of pesticides.
  • Minimize pollution from your vehicles by using fuels of good quality.
  • Protect the sparrows and yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiations that come from mobile phones. Use anti-radiation shield.
  • Donate for this good cause. You can buy well-crafted, designer sparrow nest home from us and use it to shelter sparrows Donate
  • Support this initiative by conducting awareness campaigns and seminars, especially in schools and colleges.
  • Gift these beautiful sparrow nest homes to family and friends on special occasions! Know more
  • Realize that the decreasing count of sparrows is a warning signal for us from Mother Earth.
  • Share this information on social media and help spread the good word!

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Let’s make the friendly sparrows sing again!